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Why Roughly 50% Of All Marriages Fail?
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This is a powerful yet easy to absorb e-book that EVERYONE needs to read. Whether you are planning to be in a relationship, or are already in a relationship (difficult or not), or simply wondered why modern relationships are so prone to difficulties and failures, you need to read this book in order to avoid making painful mistakes.

Warning: In 8,000 years of civilization we have failed to learn 5 important lessons on relationship challenges. Knowledge of these 5 factors alone would save most of us a great deal of grief. Until we all learn of these factors and apply our knowledge of them, we'll continue to see high divorce rates and sky-high relationship failure rates for hundreds of years! What we offer here is happiness and solutions through knowledge.

EXCLUSIVE information gleaned from many years of unique research, studies, experience, and findings. This new information on a perennial problem has the power to change the understanding of relationships forever. You won't find this information anywhere else. In fact, forget everything you may read on the internet and in popular publications, because what may work for an author or another person is not likely to work for others. Everyone is different and "advice" often found in popular media is simply not effective and in many cases just plain incorrect.

Explore incredible new truths uncovered on topics such as: what true happiness looks and feels like, soulmates, compatibility, chronic problems, divorce, advanced matchmaking, counseling, irreconcilable issues, conflict resolution, outcome predictions, preemptive actions, the dynamics of annoyance and anger, self-critique and self-development, understanding failed relationships of the past, and many more.

Why Roughly 78% Of All Relationships Have Issues?

The truth is that most relationships are doomed to fail or suffer serious difficulties in the long term even before they begin. It is time you learned about the powerful, hidden, and inescapable psychological forces that often control the destiny and quality of our relationships. This is without a doubt one of the most important books on relationships in the history of mankind, and will help you with the following issues, and many more.

  • Become mentally prepared for any future or current relationship.
  • Become more informed and positively powerful in all relationships and partnerships.
  • Learn the concepts of natural enemies and holistic soulmates.
  • Learn how to deal effectively with conflict and other problems in relationships.
  • Learn why counseling is ineffective as currently practiced.
  • Learn how to get along with anyone, even close-quarters natural enemies within the family.
  • Learn how misunderstandings and differing mental projections destroy relationships in the long term.
  • Learn how to stop the poisoning process of a relationship before it starts.
  • Learn the exact reason why relationships are far more difficult to deal with than they initially seem, and why we fail to see serious problems until it is too late.
  • Learn why some couples and other family members have a very difficult time compromising and getting along.
  • Learn why your current or future relationship is already likely destined to suffer difficulties.
  • Learn the real true keys to relationship success, and avoid overly believing in trite, oversimplified, and misguided concepts such as "communication". No one is perfect, and everyone is different with differing abilities and personal challenges.
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